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Proofreading is another extremely popular writing service nowadays. It means correcting the text from all grammar aspects while reading it. It differs from copywriting and rewriting as far as the text stays the same (some phrases may be changed to more favorable ones without losing the basic idea). Usually, proofreading follows after the editing, so 50% of the job is already done.
It’s especially relevant today when more than half of the population stays uneducated and thus illiterate. Finally, there is a need to change the language used to the proper local one (i.e. to remove typically for American English words or phrases in British English).
Some people simply don’t get the point as far as spell checking can be done even by the primitive computer programs, available for free download (“Grammarly” vs. “GingerSoftware,” for instance). Proofreading is usually cheaper than other similar ones, and it’s worth it: at least, you won’t look awkward as a cow on roller skates.
Usually, the orders are received for articles, reviews, academic works, and resumes with cover letter proofreading. Most often, however, proofreading is done after the text translation or editing. The delicate fact can explain that there is no perfect online translator. Some people simply copy-paste the sentences out of the text box and expect it will work. The last but not the least is the resume/CV proofreading. It may cost you a job offer!

The Process Itself

Actually, the whole process should look this way: the editor receives the translation, scans text, edits (if necessary), makes notes for a client, sends the draft to the translator for revision (if necessary), agrees with terminology (in some situations). Today, writing services offer the faster ways to accomplish it with the help of just one person, often called “the proofreader.” He/she should carefully read the text and maintain a list of bugs.
Any proofreader should be aware of the possible translation unique style. Each category of translation requires an individual approach. Classes of translation are critical because they set the interpreter requirements as well as the cost of translation.
By the way, another novelty is obeying all formatting style rules (no matter if a proofreader deals with MLA, APA, Chicago or other, less used styles).

Not for All!

Another important fact that is often ignored is that the proofreading has to be done by the native speakers only. Despite this, many proofreaders with the advanced level maximum accomplish such tasks. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but their clients are misunderstood in the native speaking environment.
After all, the work must be done by certified translators. Elementary computer skills are also obligatory (i.e. pdf is sent for typos and grammar check, so the proofreader has to convert it to “Word” first). After all, he should know how to add footnotes & comments. Sometimes, an individual layout is demanded, not only the proofreading itself.
Seems like this kind of job is required by foreigners only. However, not literal enough local citizens might also use the service in order to hide this weakness. It’s unbelievable how the same piece of text can either bottom out or be above reproach!
It doesn’t matter if the proofreader is a full-time specialist or a freelancer, the prices usually fluctuate around $18-20 per page. Frankly speaking, this rank is reasonable enough according to today’s economic situation. It’s much easier to get fired than hired.

What for Should I Order It?

Without proofreading services, the executed order looks like an unreadable messy translation, intended for practical usage only. In other words, your potential readers won’t be able to make heads or tails out of your work. Even if the translation quality control is restricted to spelling and grammar check, it is still a significant share of the job. After the full proofreading is completed, the translated text still matches the original by expressing the same communication installations/functions.
I will get off my chest few reasons for you to decide on proofreading services.
First of all, answer one simple question: would you rely on your buddy, girl-next-door, mom, or dog to proofread the text for you? I don’t think so. Despite it sounds pretty much easy, this type of work sometimes demands even more time and efforts than writing a text from “zero.”
During proofreading procedure, a professional should not only fix the mistakes but make the text sound favorable and selling at the same time. Under the word “selling” I am not talking only about marketing environment, but about any aspect of your life: any well-structured, original, exciting, inspiring text may add up to your budget/career as well as thoroughly plunder it. The purpose of a good proofreader is to turn the translation in a good commercial with the minimum changes.
The skills demanded among proofreaders are:
• Writing
• Translating
• Editing
• Linguistics/philology
• Marketing
• Literature
• IT
What I’m trying to say, is that being a tough proofreader is not about being a word nerd or grammar geek. It is also a creative ball and chain.

Loud Failures

Here is the list of the worst text facepalms that lead to severe consequences.
Husband  Wife: “I’m having a good time. Wish you were her!”
A great example of how ONLY ONE LETTER can destroy one’s happy marriage (“her”  “here”).
Business edition  Its readers: “Welcome Jeff Wright, a pubic defender!”
Yeap, quite a curious zone to protect!  Word “public,” perhaps, will sound a bit more proper here.
A guy applying for the funeral office position: “Duties: …creamation skills…” Sounds more like he will achieve headway within cookery.
Ophthalmologist  patient: “Bring me your site test, and I’ll give you the results.” What for a poor, blind guy requires a site test instead of sight test?
Fan  Musician: “You couldn’t believe you’re ears.”
Writing your favorite musician he is an ear will confuse even the heaviest drug taker. That’s why “your” is recommended here instead of “you’re”.
Party animal  Buddy: “I am not aloud to go to the party on Saturday.”
Well, if you are aloud, you certainly have to go!  Otherwise, you might mean that you are not ALLOWED.
At the marketing meeting: “A major affect on productivity levels…”.
The idea changes completely while confusing “effect” with “affect. In this example, seems like some major influences the company’s productivity level.
A postman in a hurry:“I will leave the envelope over their.”
It means that he is not going to leave the envelope “there” (a particular place), but along with someone’s other.
Waiter promoting his place: “This restaurant is quiet good.”
Well, he missed in any case. “Quiet” = “silent” or “calm,” so a comma is needed. “Good enough” = “quite good.”

To sum up, here are the top reasons for proofreading to exist:

– Computer-based spelling and grammar checks make a fool out of a human being;
– Saving more money by spending them once;
– Saving time for other important tasks, while others make a star out of your text;
– Improving own language skills;
– Providing a high reputation in the eyes of your employer/HR/colleagues/clients;
– Creating demand for proofreading guys!

5 Signs YOU Need Some Help

1) You wish to accomplish perfect resume and cover letter TO GET THE JOB, not only apply for it
2) You wish to improve your site content
3) You wish to provide your readers with grammatically excellent written information
4) You wish to run a successful advertising campaign
5) You wish to overcome the silly mistakes mentioned in this article

A View from the Side

So, proofreading is all about correcting grammar mistakes. But that’s not all! Other advantage of subscribing to this kind of service is that you might be too subjective while preparing your task. Some editions require your personal point of view and critical comments while other may fire you for being too emotional. When you’re asked to be a cold fish, proofreading might serve as the objective overlook striving for improving missed grammar details. PROOFREADERS ARE NOT EMOTIONALLY TIED!


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*$100 are offered in the shape of discount for our Career Counseling & Job Search Assistance services.