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Why Do Most of the “White-collars” Dislike Their Work?

U.S. office workers are generally satisfied with their work, despite the global economic and political crisis. But still there are factors which make the work difficult and unpleasant. Most of the office employees are not satisfied because of the lack of prospects, low payment, boring routine tasks, and lack of self-actualization.

As we know, according to Maslow, this factor influences human being first and for most at this stage of our life. These data were obtained during a survey of International HR portal HeadHunter.

Why Do Most of the “White-collars” Dislike Their Work?

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Why Do Most of the “White-collars” Dislike Their Work?

It is noteworthy that the first place in the TOP-10 is not occupied by the money question any longer. You will find career prospects here. This attitude is typical for “white collar” guys from the large cities: development comes first, while the material factors are far less significant.

So, it’s not only the question of wealth, but of:

  • Career opportunities and growth (56% of the respondants);
  • Law wages (54%);
  • Routine tiring responsibilities (36%);
  • Lack of self-actualization (35%);
  • Social package absence (31%);
  • No extra trainings (29%);
  • Lack of freedom (21%);
  • Working hours and scheduling (20%);
  • Work conditions (19%);
  • Payment delays (17%).

Why Do Most of the “White-collars” Dislike Their Work?

Right, the majority of workers are very unhappy with the lack of growth prospects and career opportunities. As you can see, dissatisfaction with the level of payment comes only in second place. In this Top-10 we also notice boring job duties, inability of further development, rigid work schedules, and more. Thus, the main causes of dissatisfaction with their work are out of a monetary nature.

Among those who stay unsatisfied with the level of payment, the employees of the following industries were named: hospitality and catering (78%), transportation (68%), and agriculture (67%). The lack of prospects bothers physicians (78%) and bank employees (68%) most of all. The latter also significantly suppress routine tasks. This issue is sharply discussed by the specialists coming from industrial and transportation sectors.