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Top-8 US Job: Web Developer

As for today, the IT industry is one of the most perspective and fast growing areas to make money, propose and develop unique projects, and simply do your favorite job without any specific efforts. Among a range of attractive IT positions of your attention, so-called web developers are one of the key players. As a rule, their work is highly visible and impacts huge numbers of people, both co-workers and clients.

As there is an enormous demand for various web projects, it is logical there is also a high demand for the corresponding specialists. However, we should distinguish between a simple/beginning developer and a real pro. Thus, when employers remind of to a lack of web developers, what they mean is a lack of pros.

So far, web developers along with the rest of IT specialists or people from the technological world may find themselves hesitating what exactly defines that professional in development and optimization. We’ll focus on the traits of highly competitive web developers only.

I. Follow the Truth Stating “The Customer is Always Right”

This might be a cliché and LOL, but it always works. And it works for most of the industries. A product/service that is being carried out is aiming high to satisfy client’s needs, not yours. The ability to hear, realize, and handle customer requests is an outstanding and still rare talent. Let’s be realists: often, the final product/service is different from the original/expected visions. However, an experienced developer will always take into account, sometimes negotiate, and achieve the closest consensus with a customer while searching for the best solution.

HINT: Both a happy client and quality product are ultimately the company’s major goals. However, sometimes the communication process fails to meet its objectives. Various tools for the visual feedback in web design like TrackDuck could help here.

II. Keeping to the Existing Frameworks

A perfect web developer should use limits and all possible tips and recommendations of his/her back-end or front-end colleagues. The hope is not in vain. A qualified web developer is able to discover what he needs in a couple of minutes instead of redoing an already existing code which would end up being a total time suck.

Also, this capability and usage of online/computer libraries and databases not only saves a plenty of time but opens a wide range of alternatives that allow gaining excellent things, often absolutely free of charge!

III. Assisting Your Colleagues

Web-development is nothing without a corresponding front-end, content, and, of course, good management. Don’t be greedy – c‘mon, it’s not only about applying what has been created before you. A true developer will also add own unique projects to already existing libraries and databases to share gently with his co-workers. Storing time and energy of your office friends is just as important as doing the same for you. Your masterpiece could serve as the treasury for further citations of the others – does not it inspire?

IV. Levels of Patience: Myth or Reality?

When there is just a single nasty bug which rejects to die… You go mad. But you won’t solve the issue without keeping yourself in hands instead of breaking your monitor or one’s nerves. Testing programs steps in. In most cases, it is the best and most adequate way to identifying and eliminating the problem further.

Right, web developer means searching for the errors and improvements all the time, no matter how brilliant and profitable the project already is.

So how should one avoid getting stuck in a mindboggling miscommunication swamp that sounds like “my code is not worth a penny; I cannot get why this shit happens to me, God, I’ll get fired.” Stop that panic!

HINT: Ask your neighboring developer for the rescue: he/she will always provide an objective feedback: point to mistakes, faults or incongruences. You’re not at school any longer, so no one will blame you for your mistakes.

Save that last drop of patience!

V. Time is Money; Money is Time

Another trite phrase, isn’t it? If it is so, how comes you are still not obeying the rules of the game? A certified or well-trained web developer tries to meet all deadlines on time no matter how urgent they are, and your cat is ill. People of this occupation must set individual deadlines and leave enough time for involving all necessary corrections, up-grades, and improvements.

It makes common sense that final versions of all long-term projects and short-term tasks should be finished and submitted exactly on the due date as there is a chain of interrelated projects within one company. Especially, when talking about e-commerce. Punctuality will gain you respect. It will even change your payment and bonuses for the better.

VI. Degrees & Never-Ending Studying

As the progress never stops in the world of technologies, don’t think that what you already know will always remain relevant and demanded. It is pretty easy to differentiate between a person with the degree and the one who lacks it. In-depth knowledge and major elements of a subject are obtained during a complex, constant process of being engaged in a curriculum created and taught by professors.

As a rule, a specialist with a college or university degree in the IT area would perhaps be able to invest more knowledge into practice and achieve vivid outcomes in the shortest period as compared to the self-learner. That is why paying attention to continuous learning is not a waste of time, but rather maintaining your impressive personal skill set.

VII. Personal Qualities Also Play Role

Often people laugh or do not pay attention to the resume section called “Personal Qualities.” Sure, your personality type is less crucial than skills and experience. However, a competitive web developer has a number of stable positive personality attributes such as powerful motivation, patience, punctuality, diligence, and more.

In addition, he is a perfect and caring team player as the majority of products and projects are, once more, carried out in groups. What I mean is that listening to others and the ability to negotiate things is critical in case a web developer does not want to miss a thing.

VIII. Logical Thinking for the Win-Win Results

The success of a selected project has a great impact towards both your personal bonus/award, payment, and ability to go on a vacation. The loyal relationship between you and your boss also depends on this factor. After all, using logical thinking and analytical tools properly within the entire process of web development makes a web developer adapt to new situations and potential threats.

IX. Impressive Language Skills

Many web developers do not bother studying an extra language or enriching the vocabulary of the native one. They do not realize the importance of being a confident and persuasive communicator when working with development and optimization. Coherence, expanded vocabulary, and good presentation skills are just the lucky tickets for a qualified and respected web developer.

X. Get Ready for the Fine Tools

At some point, all the absorbed skills, knowledge, or personal characteristics in the world are valued based on the way you apply up-to-date toolkits as well as frameworks, libraries, and data sets.

10 Tips for Successful Web Developer Resume:

  • Don’t forget to mention your awareness of user-interface design
  • Discuss various e-commerce platforms like OpenCart or Magento: this industry is hungry for proficient developers
  • Put high salary expectations from the very beginning in case you’re sure in your competencies
  • Provide examples of testing
  • Prove you can support customers regarding any questions
  • Talk a bit about marketing and your position’s relation to project management
  • Language skills are not that crucial
  • It is very nice if you can present some of mobile or social network apps created by you
  • The more OS you work with – the better
  • Freelance work experience might be enough

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*$100 are offered in the shape of discount for our Career Counseling & Job Search Assistance services.