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Top 5 Necessary Skills For A Self-Selling Resume


“Self-selling” may sound rude and not very pleasing for some individuals. But that’s what a career market is. If you want to get a job better than a present one, sell your experience, skills, acquired abilities, knowledge and even mindset!

First, determine at least ten professional and technical skills you’ve already acquired during your work experience. This part takes a central place in your resume, and it drives almost 90% of any employer’s attraction. Everybody possesses one’s unique list of skills, but there are common skills required by any employer.

Thus, you should study a job description to the desired position and try to comply with what is needed. Even if your list of skills isn’t that huge, just compare a job description requirements to what you’re capable of in this sphere, and you’ll discover that you wield at least the half of them.

No matter what position you want to fill there are five universal skills that will certainly help you to get it, provided you add them into your resume.

#1. Ability to communicate your ideas

This one includes not only the capacity to express your creativity but also to listen and respond to your employer’s requests. Such an ability should be accomplished both in oral and written speech!

Here are some examples how to show this ability in your resume.

Variant 1

Variant 2

#2. Ability to plan and organize

It may seem that only technical professions need this super quality but even creative people won’t succeed, unless they plan and organize their work in such a way to produce something useful. This ability is a key factor for an employee who can guarantee high result as fast as possible!

Look for an example how to write about this skill in your resume!

#3. Ability to analyze and gather information.

Not every person can cope with huge amounts of information and produce something worthy. Gathering and analyzing skills are interdependent, that’s why a person who possesses such an ability functions as a filter singling out the most necessary and important pieces of information.

This is the way you could present your skills. 

#4. Flexibility & Time Management & Creativity

Our world moves so fast that managing to adjust quickly to any situation makes a great value for your future employment. Also an effective worker must show a skill to focus on top priority plans and meet deadlines of given tasks. Besides technical functions, it is essential to show creativity part of all your abilities, showing personal involvement in a task.

Here’s a nice example to follow if you wish to stand out among others.

#5. Ability to work in a team and demonstrate high self-motivation and initiative.

You should always remember that other people depend on your results, so if you linger with fulfilling some tasks it will definitely effect other people in one-living unit called “a team”. Therefore you should be highly motivated and initiative to show the best results in solving your tasks.

This sample may be helpful for your resume!







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