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Things Egyptian Employees Can’t Get Enough Of

This small article was prepared especially for our loyal customers from Egypt. For the last few years, we’ve written dozens of resumes and cover letters for this sweet nation with a rich history and astute traditions.

Do you know which jobs are always in demand in Cairo? How should you look to get the position you’re applying for? Through ages, some things remained the same while a range of aspects changed. Before thinking of your career on Northern African market, read this article carefully.

Most businesses in Egypt are represented by small owned shops. So, you have a big chance of earning good money as a salesman or store manager.

Solicitors and accountants are those people who always require a professional resume up-date in order to enter foreign markets. Egypt is a third-world country, so there is a sense to move somewhere else to hit new business targets. A lot of Egyptian marketing specialists improve their career and results by moving to U.S. All you need is a corresponding CV pointing at your basic achievements. American markets always demand sales managers and talented marketing specialists.

Things Egyptian Employees Can’t Get Enough Of

For modern Egypt population, it is important to study IT deeper. It will bring a country to the desired progress. Currently, more than a half of the population lacks appropriate computer education.
Net café is a nice place to do business here, in Cairo. See, many people living in Egypt still don’t have all-time Internet access. You might make a solid profit by working as a waiter, doctor, dentist, summer resort personnel. Services in this country overweight products by their significance.
We are able to create the most appropriate service worker resume for you. Our writers will list all the necessary skills and duties employers are looking for. You will stand out from the rest of the applicants.

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Because of the skinny jeans fashion, paints are becoming more and more spread.

Things Egyptian Employees Can’t Get Enough Of


Thanks to Egyptians new approach to jeans, the rest of the world is now able to enjoy cheap pants. You can even come to a serious job interview wearing pants that look like expensive jeans.

On the whole, there is still a room for fashion innovations.
Winning Eleven is another thing that drives Egyptians mad. If you run a net café, it is better to include some gaming room with this one as a must. You and your personnel may increase profit by adding this famous football game.

Things Egyptian Employees Can’t Get Enough OfRamadan is one of the main religious times of the year. Even the related TV commercials make more money than ordinary shows. To make business in Cairo more perspective, involve at least one product line or service dedicated to Ramadan.
Things Egyptian Employees Can’t Get Enough Of It may sound ridiculous, but recalling this period in your resume will raise your chances to get the job.
Seems like days of “Titanic” and Leo DiCaprio are gone… But not for Egypt! Cinema is another profitable niche to enter. The approach here differs from European and American. Not the latest, but the most appreciated releases hit the jackpot.
It is also interesting to know Egyptians are crazy about mango. Mango season means the best in terms of fruits. If you are a tourist, you surely need to taste this exotic peace here.
Finally, have you heard about shebsheb? No matter how gay, straight, or bi, lesbian, transgender, old, young, rich or poor they are, every Egyptian loves to wear a shebsheb as much as they love throwing and dodging them.