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Top-6 US Job: Senior Software Developer

You can raise your salary by $1000 when working at the position of the software developer. I hope you’ll appreciate my feedback due to the fact that I’m not some kind of a mega Project Manager taking care of 50 people at a time. On the other hand, I am not another sleepy developer who yawned for the last three years. So, what are the qualities of a good senior?

It is crucial that he/she can share his knowledge with colleagues. He/she must know and see the rake/bug at the design stage. He/she should tell you about the advantages and shortcomings of widely used technologies (i.e. NHibernate or Magento). He/she has to write very simple and clear code without boasting.

Wish to learn more about the personal traits of a senior software developer? In addition, such people should be:

  • Able to speak; it’s not just about sitting and staring at the monitor, cutting off/changing firmly from the external stimuli to heavy music.
  • Able to work; the available resources must be enough for the senior to operate and complete all the set tasks without engaging in the endless charges of “Hindus” and those who wrote the code.
  • Can accept and solve the problem in order to calm down both the customers and co-workers).
  • Can help to solve a tiny problem with a different project, i.e. able to switch between tasks and have more than one of them on the list.

I agree with most of these points but would like to focus on a few other things.

Remember! You’re not Pamela Anderson, whose strengths are immediately visible; you still need to prove that you have them. Excessive arrogance can earn you bad karma.

I. Take the initiative

he days when the initiative was extremely punishable are gone. It’s all different today. Your ideas can really help the customer or your team.

It is crucial to achieve a compromise between “what to do and when to speak up” and “to do for the sake of others.”

II. Manage expectations!

What sounds better to you: making an estimate for the five-day tasks and complete all of them, or make an estimate for three-day tasks, but to fail at least one of them because of the lack of time? In most cases, the first option is much better. Never be in a hurry, or you’ll be forced to redo the same job.

It is very frustrating on every level of communication to justify the reasons for the delay. Nobody likes to pay more than it was originally stated. Also, when we get beyond the estimate, then we experience the pressure of time and write poor quality code.

III. Manage your time

Do not be afraid to increase the estimate, if there is a lack of time. It is necessary for someone to consult you in the case of doubt. Thoughts like “Last time when I have increased the time frame, I still couldn’t cope with all my tasks” would not work; after all, there is someone who can notice inflated estimate from your side and ask about it. If no one speaks, so it’s just the usual fear of looking bad in terms of professional level (“what if someone says that this task is a primary one, so it takes twice of my time to complete it”).

HINT: The immediate notification of the customer (or PM) about all the problems is not a shame, but your obligation.

Firstly, there may be a simple solution, and secondly, the earlier the customer learns about the problem, the more chances that the problem will be solved smoothly. All those with whom you work (team, PM, customer), it is necessary to keep up to date with what is happening and to manage expectations of the results of your work.

IV. Ability to prioritize!

It is impossible to handle more than five small tasks per day. You cannot afford to do “something interesting” and what appeals to you if there are urgent orders. When you have a number of tasks that are quite complicated, then list all products on the page. Pick every assignment according to its urgency. As a rule, there is something that we never thought of while thinking about the possible solutions, so you’d better test every single option.

We don’t know everything, and we can’t predict a lot of things. For example, can you imagine that when entering request like “sweaty Mexican” in the search field of some famous engine, old images of Bruce Willis might appear? And there is no good explanation. It really helps establishing deadlines that would sound the following way: “This research will take me two hours from now, so I should be done by 14:00; nothing else will disturb me during that period, I must move to the second assignment at 14.15 maximum.”

V. Score on the urgent tasks with the help of others

My point is that we must always remember who pays us and that there is such a thing as business needs. If you did not get the idea or the task, it is better to ask your supervisor or clients to explain it once again. Don’t be shy to do that – no one will consider you dumb. Plus, do not always break your head against the wall by trying to implement the decision by using complicated methods. You can always solve any task easier and quicker.

HINT: If there is something you barely understand, it is not always necessary to spend a half day and your head to get the idea why it happened so. If you haven’t heard of Chuck Norris, you have just to suck it up.

Looking for some guilt inside yourself? Senior Software developer’s work has to be evaluated critically and carefully. It means listening to the surrounding is more important than dealing with the own point of view. You should work as a team.

Asking for a raise in payment based on the principle “but Mike receives higher wages now although he is not dinged the work better than I usually do” is not the most suitable strategy. It does not work in a long-term.

VI. So, how should you make a lot of money?

Just kidding. There is another brilliantly simple way. You need to ask yourself whether your current workplace suits you or you would rather move to Dali one day.

10 Tips for Successful Senior Software Developer Resume:

  • Bachelor’s, Master’s or Ph.D. degree in Computer Science (CS) or Information Technologies (IT). Equivalent experience will be considered
  • Minimum 10+ year experience
  • Minimum five years of experience with Open GL ES and EGL
  • JavaScript, CSS, and HTML all alone won’t impress anyone
  • Having an experience as a project manager or at least a co-working manager is your lucky ticket
  • Remember that programming always goes hand in hand with development
  • Talk more about optimization, site responsiveness, CPR, and other smart words
  • Touch other related fields like SEO, SMM, content, link building, etc.
  • Do not confuse programming languages with spoken when listing your professional competencies
  • Add a portfolio with a couple of successful architecting projects. Say you have a passion for agile development and design

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