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Why Does My Resume Limp?

Or Tips for Building A Winning Resume


There was a time when my sister asked me for the help in improving her Resume package. She said it was too difficult for her to describe herself in the best light! I offered her my help with editing (or better say, rewriting) her Cover letter and Resume. After showing my sister her new career package, she remembered some additional information to mention and said that my point of view helped her to realize how good she is. What I mean is that usually someone’s delicate intrusion into your own profile brings a refreshed look onto your proficiency level. It’s an impulse you get in a state of professional or creative stagnation. Here we gathered main tips to get rid of resume-limping forever and to build a winning resume!


Ignoring mistakes apparent in your Resume usually leads to a complete and desperate silence from HR managers even if you are a guru in some field. Remember: illiteracy stains your achievements. Of course, you may rely on Office Word Reviewing tool until you face the most embarrassing mistake in your writing experience. Believe me, after humiliation in front of your executive, you will stop calling Office Word as the best cheap grammar checker! Among that, there are lots of other grammar checkers to assist you in proofreading. However, personally I use my eyes for that purpose. Grammar checkers usually do not detect the major errors and only take your time for a deep editing. If you see no mistakes in your resume package but feel that there’s something wrong, you’d better consult with experts about it.


Large amounts of information aren’t welcomed anymore. Fast living, fast reading and fast forgetting are those factors which make us writers really nervous about. For instance, I’m always reluctant to counting a number of words or characters with or without spaces in my articles and meta descriptions to them (of course, it takes me only a second by clicking an icon “Word Count” in the left corner of a document, yet it distracts from the main point). The fact is that a person can concentrate on some written information only for 10-15 minutes, and if we talk about an in-house recruiter who deals with plenty of Resume packages each day, this period can shorten to 20 seconds or even less. That’s why there’s a good reason to make information in your Resume package concise but meaningful presenting your skills in short bullets to make them easier for reading. You don’t have to rewrite everything. Just use the most necessary information and get rid of useless adjectives about “how brilliant you are”. No one believes that unless ascertains in it on practice.


There’s already a 24/7 service ready to help you with up-to-date recommendations about your resume – //resume-for-you.com/ or offer a back-up in editing and enhancing your career package. Resume-for-you experts are one of the best in this field. They’ve been improving customers’ Resumes, CVs, Cover letters, and other papers for more than 10 years. Such an experience grants them with a unique ability to detect and fix all drawbacks in your papers!

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