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The Best Preparation To A Job Interview


Best-Laid Plan of Mice & Men

To begin with, proofread and double-check your resume and cover letter. You cannot come to the interview all at once. After sending your CV/resume along with a cover letter (which, I hope, are both strong enough), you have to wait for a response. It might seem so obvious, but still there are some people who run over to the organization’s HR department to present themselves without taking into account the employer’s plans. An employer should contact you by e-mail or phone to invite you to private meeting. That’s why it is so crucial to identify your personal information clearly. A phone conversation is your first personal contact with a potential employer. Thus, it is important to make a good impression at this stage. While talking on the phone, make sure you’ll specify the position once more, ask all the necessary questions about this place and company in general. Show your sincere interest. Forget about your ego for a couple of minutes. If the position does not not fit you, tell politely about it by  citing reasonable arguments (“The time schedule does not fit me,” “The location is a bit uncomfortable,” “I am not ready to meet some requirements at the moment,” etc.). Do not waste time of the both sides! Don’t forget to write down the name of the company, name and last name of the person, his/her contact number to inform about any unforeseen circumstances.

To sum up, the first step of a productive job interview is a plan. Plan and only then implement.

Best Bib & Tucker

Another extremely important step is an outlook selection. Whether the company you’re going to is a business or less formal one, make sure at least you don’t look vulgar or shabby. Our appearance creates the first impression, but many applicants forget about it. Only in the case you will be told there is no special dress code and employees are allowed to come whatever they like, you can do so. I’m not telling you have to wear a shirt and tie, tuxedo, “Rolex” and pour yourself a bucket of “Armani” perfumes, no. BUT! Never forget where you’re going to and where you are. Don’t act awkward as a cow on a crutch by putting on disco clothes or “KISS” style. Try to avoid bright make-up and bizarre hairstyles like Iroquois or cock. Remember: your future is at the stake.

Review company’s activities and history (starting from the launch date and ending up with development stages), learn the names of the departments, a note information about the company’s achievements, etc. Practice with a pal before taking over this challenge.

Make Sure You Are Armed Enough!

A job interview is like a battle, so be ready with your primary weapon (usually, the documentation packages are standard but clarify the list twice):

– CV (two copies and, probably, more than one format will be required);
– passport (sometimes, a foreign one is needed as well – it depends on whether you will face a work abroad);
– diploma and Appendix;
– diplomas/certificates of secondary education (usually, not obligatory), completion of courses certificates, special awards, etc. (no need to bring documents that are not relevant to the position for which you are applying).


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