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Earlier, when such social networks as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn were not available, it was left only to guess whether world known and appreciated bigwigs gained their goldmines thanks to the persuasive resume or by guess and by golly. Today, when the information is accessible, the answers can be received. It is hard to believe, but, despite their current excellent careers, some celebrities managed to pass recruiting stage with some silly resume blunders and insignificant drawbacks. The reasons for their resumes to come through the selection process with flying colors are stated in this article.

Another question that may fairly come up is what for rich and famous people post their resume for the broad glance. There are two smart explanations:

1) An extra publicity stunt.

2) To do us a favor by sharing the secrets of success.

“Brevity Is The Soul Of Wit.”

© William Shakespeare

Who is, probably, the most known and discussed human being of today? The answer stays the same since the United States birth: its president. As we all know, now this position is occupied by the first black President of the U.S. ever, Barack Obama. While his career is worth emulating, his resume certainly lacks a professional help. Frankly speaking, most of the criticism regarding his resume was related to its length. On the whole, the only section left out of the standard resume structure is his work experience that consists of three previous positions (as a senior law lecturer, state senator, and the U.S. senator). No skills, no educational background, no certificates, rewards, or references. Anyway, it did not prevent him from becoming U.S. President.

Hint #1: Sometimes only one section of your resume can bring you the desired position. Think it over and concentrate only on one point that corresponds to the job of your dream the most.

P.S. Wait a minute! What do we see?! Barack added one more position. He updated his profile mentioning he is the country’s president since 2009 still ignoring the rest of the details. Probably, the only thing that helped him as a candidate, as Gore Vidal once stated: “Half of the American people have never read a newspaper. Half never voted for President. One hopes it is the same half.”

             The Richest Everywhere, But On LinkedIn

The next oddball is the world’s richest man with the net worth of $79.1 billion, “MicroSoft” CEO and chairman, Sir Bill Gates. Seems like an IT specialist should have the best electronic resume ever, no matter if it has the shape of Word Document, PDF or LinkedIn profile. Miss! The first thing to catch the eye is the number of his connections: only FIVE of them! However, we should take into the consideration he doesn’t require a job anymore, so most probably he had more references earlier. As for Bill, he stresses his past jobs’ achievements, skipping the list of all duties. After all, these achievements look very subjective. Two positions are listed, within the “MicroSoft” and his wife’s Melinda charity foundation. From the other side, there is no gap in his career history, and no vanity noticed.

Hint #2: As it is known, U.S. population is possessed by the charity, human rights protection, animals foundations, etc. Here is a clue: mentioning you belong to some active fund may bring you at least the sympathy of your potential employer or HR staff.

“Any woman who understands the problems of running a home will be nearer to understanding the problems of running a country.”

© Margaret Thatcher

The ladies might be interested in at least one example of fruitful and famous female resume. To choose one, I came out with Hilary Clinton case. Sure, the status of The First Lady might stand behind her popularity, but still she accomplished a long way to the top before marrying Bill and receiving high governmental positions. Coming from suburban Illinois, this incredible woman survived it all over to the secretary of state and U.S. senator. As for her profile, it also comes out as one of the best. Judge yourself: here you can see a narrative for her career, complete career history including all the necessary details, a list of 500+ connections, educational background, a summary, and even links providing more info. From the first sight, you can realize you deal with a woman’s profile. It lacks only one tiny element…very unsignificant..a profile picture! How could a woman with thousands of images forget to attach one of them? Still, her person is too known and recognized.

Hint #3: Having a sturdy design, impressive links list, and biography-like resume may allow you to miss some fewer valuable details like picture or reference list. In the case, you can not complete one of the resume sections, try to replace it by paying more attention to another part where your competitive advantage is obvious.

                Internet Movie Database VS Resume   

Kevin Bacon is known not only for his appearances in “Friday, the 13th,” “Few Good Men,” “Footloose,” “Wild Things,” “Diner” and numerous “Golden Globe” and “Saturn” awards, but for his strange and a bit freaky resume. Taking into account we’re speaking about creative field, a resume in the form of movie database may come along as the acceptable gesture. What I mean is that his resume consists of the list of his actor/producer screenings. That’s it. Besides, he managed to include  the “Entertainment Weekly” powerful quote this way: “Known for being called “bone-dry humor and average Joe-ability to tell it like it is.” Sounds decent. This list of credits is suitable only for this particular area. In the case, Kevin decides to change his job, he certainly needs a career change level resume from a professional writer.

Hint #4: While applying for some kind of creative job, you may ignore the generally applicable resume structure and format. Be of a broad flight, palm pilot by any stretch! Insert various pictures and original titles, attach some of your portfolio works directly to the resume, highlight your most outstanding works. You can leave minimum text while adding some bright design. That will show your creative essence and persuade your potential employer you are really the master of your affair.

“Formal education will make you a living. Self-education will make you a fortune.”

©Jim Rohn

We’ve been speaking about social networks for a long so far. What about sharing few words about the people who stay behind the scenes? Welcome: Facebook CEO and President, Mark Zuckerberg. Oh, all of those social mice know him for sure. I agree that he is less popular in, let’s say, Eastern Europe or South Africa, but he did plenty of job regarding his area of expertise. Now, what do we see the profile of a profile (call it this way)? Nothing special, I should say. He is not even the most searched man over the Facebook, but Google + lists him #1. Feels like a fellow is cheating on own product. In reality, he simply doesn’t want to be the first only because Facebook belongs to him. He believes the one with the powerful and inspiring profile like Rihanna’s should be there. Whenever it is a tribute or flattery to this singer, she is the one with the top Facebook page according to last year statistics. Another interesting detail about his page is that even his education looks more solid than his work experience consisting of only one position described as shortly as possible. Seems like guys from this area really dislikes wordiness.

Hint #5: If your education deals with your objective more than work experience, do not waste time on broad career history description and explanation. Sometimes, the university is that prestigious, it speaks for itself. For most of the people, “Harvard” and “Oxford” = “know-how” and “all inclusive.”

“Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise.”

© Sigmund Freud

Finally, the top is enclosed by Vint Cerf. I understand that in this article we deal mostly with federal and IT positions, but I do believe these people deserve attention. So, who is Vint Cerf? He is, probably, the less distinguished person from the list, but his achievement in the field of Internet launch and development is worth a billion. Besides, he is the only person (except for Hilary) who has more or less representative resume. He included even competent recommendations and references. His job description looks perfect. His contact information is clear. Vint is a 100% honest guy who would never allow any deception from his side. The only problem seen by a professional resume critics and writers is the lack of his current life details and future expectations (goals section is ignored). Anyway, what an Internet developer can still wish?

Hint #6: Whatever you do, don’t lie to yourself. Then you won’t be able to cheat on someone else.

“Adornment, what a science! Beauty, what a weapon! Modesty, what elegance!”

© Coco Chanel

As you’ve probably noticed, there is one thing all of these individuals have in common. Despite their positions and achievements, they do not act high and mighty, they do not point to their status, and they are always ready to share their secrets of success.

             BASIC RULES:

  1. First and for most, try to rearrange all places of work and higher education in the order which corresponds to the desired position. I.e., you claim to gain the hiring manager position in a company which specializes in IT outsourcing. Meanwhile, your educational background consists of several degrees in such areas as arts & design, business administration, and IT/engineering. Obviously, you should mention your BBA and MBA degrees first as far as HR manager job is mostly related to particular business disciplines. You may also highlight your average GPA, any specific achievements, certificates, honors and the list of the subjects taken. Second, tell about your engineering diploma because the company’s overall field is about IT. So, the awareness of essential points will play in your favor. Finally, recall your arts & design degree, but do not specify the details. The hint is that your potential employer has to be captured by the information that proves your job competence first.
  2. Never exclude goals/objectives/purposes of your job search. Also, specify the reason for your interest in the certain company. It attracts employers when you show your true interest and overall awareness of what their company is actually doing.
  3. If your hobbies are not connected with your future position at all, forget about them! Employers dislike reading irrelevant content. They are not interested in your music achievements if they currently need a front-end developer. However, if you are applying for sound manager position, you can recall your passion to music, knowledge of recording process, and favorite genres of music.



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