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The United States is a constant leader of Americans high mobility. It’s notable that in an international context the US even outruns China. People move to other places because of different reasons. Usually, they are connected with changing a job, marriage or just a challenge to one’s nerves and potential.

Regarding numbers, U.S. Census Bureau records 40,093,00 people (14.19%) out of 282,556,00 change their living places each year. These numbers vary considering whether Americans move to the same or another county within a similar or different state.

Let’s say, you’ve decided to move from sun-smiling and start-up centered San Francisco to business diverse New York not having a job offer yet. Of course, it would be difficult to compete with locals but it’s certainly worth trying.

Consider all the perspectives: the bigger city, the higher wages are offered (San Francisco total population is 825,000 in comparison to New York one 19,378,102 in 2014 and 2015). Plus you get more opportunities in a vast diversity of New York’s employment field.

To make your moving to another place smooth we gathered these useful tips that may help you to rebuild your resume package to any employer’s demand. And if you’re moving to such a business-like and highly competitive city as New York you should do everything to sound serious and solid!           


  • Change the address area in your Resume.
  • Enhance a Resume job description in the Summary Paragraph.
  • Revise your accomplishments.
  • Write your Cover Letter anew.

Address Issue

So you’ve already bought a ticket but realize that job searching process will take some time. Therefore, you must prepare for its search right after packing your favorite T-shirt. Do not postpone it to the time you find some constant accommodation in a new place. Rebuilding a resume is an important step to get what you wish. Just exclude an address from your Resume or if there’s a chance you have friends or relatives in the new place get a permission to write their address to omit chances of refusal from a potential employer.

On the other hand, an exact address is always a tricky issue that may even turn against you. First, an in-house recruiter examines your Resume and assesses spent time for commuting to a working place. At the preliminary stage of considering your candidacy valid for the first job interview, long distance to work may be a primary point.

That is why it’s better to substitute an address area with your contact information (mobile number, email, Skype, Linkedin profile). You may include address information to the location of your previous employer, and it won’t necessarily mean you’re top-secret about your whereabouts. Just a person who minds own privacy and security.

Resume Job Description (Objective)

This part of any Resume evokes lots of disputes among career experts, questioning its necessity. Though noticing a job description or objective, an employer ascertains in your readiness to accept their offer at any time. What is more, you clearly demonstrate some efforts applied to rebuild your resume in conformity with an employer’s need. The objective is an applicant’s way to show how good he meets job offer requirements. So get ready to type in your objective right after deciding what position to apply.

Accomplishments Carry the Highest Matter

Add some new facts to your accomplishments paragraph to demonstrate an up-to-date Resume. It doesn’t mean you have to rebuild this part completely. Try to prove your recent work efficiency with numbers. For instance, specify the percentage of sales raise to show your contribution to company’s month revenue. Accomplishments are better to insert into the paragraph of your professional experience not confusing them with general skills acquired. Rebuild your resume with new information to sound it differently in a new place.

Cover Letter Issue

Cover Letter is the part where most changes will be held so pay more attention and time to it. After finding a catching-interest vacancy start building a Cover Letter providing it with concise arguments of your writing aim. Focus on the relation of your skills to the employer’s requirements. Underline how your professional experience matches to the highlighted position. Change your approach to the writing of Cover Letter and you’ll get what you want. Or trust your career writing documents to professionals //resume-for-you.com/ and you’ll be surprised with stunning results.

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