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Job Search Assistance

If you still don’t know, I will stress it once again: the process of finding a job requires all possible methods as far as this life stage is often unpredictable. While you are expecting the answer from Microsoft, Apple will get in touch with you earlier. You may wonder how much time it will take to get employed. The answer is obvious: longer than you expect.

I. How Much It Takes

Only a few lucky beggars manage to receive an offer within a week or two. On the average, you’ll spend up to 3 months looking for the job. It takes a plenty of time for any organization to decide whether to hire a particular person, post the job description, interview applicants, make an offer and then hire an employee.

In general, the factors listed below have a great impact on how long the job seeking process will take:

  • Level of experience and wages requirements
  • Your network
  • Geographical and demographical features
  • Period of year
  • Age/gender discrimination

Coming back to the question of time, sometimes this long-lasting process takes even more than half a year! So, in case you have a current job with which you are not entirely pleased, it is better to start planning 18 months in advance.

Besides, all the companies from the same industry still have different requirements. This advice will prevent you from threats of losing a job within the next 3 years.

II. Our Service Pecularities

Seeking a job of your dream is not an easy process. Thus, we highly recommend paying attention to our original service titled Job Search Assistance.

  • In brief, it is focused on selecting the most appropriate vacancies according to your preferences, and submitting all the necessary job application documents instead of you.
  • With this service, we are saving a plenty of time and nerves of every client. You won’t have to spend hours on gathering all possible vacancies, and then selecting the most appropriate of them.
  • Besides, you won’t waste the time you could devote to your friends and family to submitting resumes and cover letters to all those vacancies.
  • Keep in mind that each time you have to enter your personal info and change some details over and over. Don’t worry! We’ll do everything for you.

We’ll look carefully through the list of positions that correspond to your expectations in order to pick the most relevant and fresh vacancies. Then, we’ll submit all the required documents. Finally, our team will keep in touch with you so that you stay aware of any new invitation to the job interview.

Every week during one month we’ll send you a detailed report on the job done. You will see all the observed vacancies and sent documents in one file. Our professional job assistants will prove their competence by informing you of every step done to get you the best work.

III. Communication Channels

So, the most classic approach to job seeking is communication channels. Do not confuse it with the referrals – no solid corporation will trust the words of your grandpa or sick friend living next-door. However, these people can add up to the entire process. Job search through terrorizing your relatives and friends often brings positive results.

The more people you know, the better. In this case, the approach like “There can be just one true friend” does not work here as these individuals do not necessarily have to be your good friends.

However, it is important to take into account the biggest drawback which is a personal acquaintance. For example, being hired as a subordinate to your old friend is not the best idea: personal relations step aside when a real monster wakes up in your “at-work” pal.

He/she may crush you out despite your excellent relations. Even the fact that you saved Mary’s lovely kitten when you were six won’t play in your hand. Therefore, it is necessary to think twice before ruining your friendship. Of course, we can assume that you are very lucky if you work with your friend with no adverse consequences, but it happens rarely.

IV. Application Process

Applying to the job ads is a good way for you to send your CV/resume and other documents to the company. Those who place such classifieds are actively looking for an employee. But because of HR’s creepy nature, you’ll be waiting for the response three days minimum (unless you are a real genius or the company has bad times). However, this popular method has a vivid disadvantage. Wherever you find a particular ad – on the Internet (sites like Monster and Indeed), or in the newspaper “Jobs in LA” — you are not alone. All of a sudden, you can discover that a good deal of other pretty models, smart engineers, and innovative marketing specialists are encroaching on the same position.

Nature abhors a vacuum, as we all know. Don’t think that a position of web-developer offering $95,000 per year will catch only your attention.

Thus, the company is often overloaded having thousands of applications to observe. Of course, in case they are those lucky beggars who possess a special automatic system to process and select resumes by their keywords and other features. And so many of the candidates simply do not fit in. Even the primary requirements sometimes look like a nightmare. All they have to do is to keep the faith. Thus, even if the vacancy is a complete reflection of yours, you still have to invest every effort to get noticed and invited for further interview or trial period all at once.

V. Job Search Options

  • You can post an ad on your own. It can be done in several ways: filling a LinkedIn profile, using corresponding sources, involving resume builders, building a personal website, etc. But as in the case of vacancies posted by recruiters, there is no warranty you will be noticed. Besides, most of the employers are too lazy to search on their own. After all, they do not receive a penny for doing that. I guess they would rather prefer watching a porn film during their break instead of evaluating tones of useless papers with some strangers. Actually placing classifieds on the job search sites depends on the functionality of these platforms. But we’ll talk about it later.
  • And one more “Golden Rule”… Work can be found only where there is one. Working at McKinsey is almost excluded without any special recommendations or help. You will not find its offers in the free newspaper handed out near the subway. At the same time, websites like eGraduate do not place vacancies for porters or loaders. Some channels have to be studies carefully before using them in your job search process.


Our team tracks every popular job board when collecting and selecting the most relevant vacancies for you. Each time we find one which suits your career goals perfectly, we submit the required application documents (resume, CV, cover letter, KSA, thank you, and follow-up letters) to the offered position. As soon as you receive an invitation to the interview or another type of face-to-face meeting, we inform you immediately. Thus, our team always keeps in touch with our customers. You may sleep well: no job opportunity will be missed. You will receive a detailed report on the work done weekly. In this way, we prove our loyalty and individual approach to each client. In general, our job assistants submit up to 300 job application packages for your success. If you now consider all the methods mentioned above, you will understand that where some work bad, others do well, and vice versa. By turning to professional job seekers/assistants for help, you quickly and efficiently will achieve your career goals. What for should you waste own time and nerves when there are people ready to help? Good luck!

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