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After two successful job interviews and a perfectly fulfilled test you think you are the one to take that position. And when it comes to a polite rejection of your candidacy, you feel nothing but dispirited! Enthusiasm weakens and you may even stop your search for some time. For that not to happen in your life we offer these useful tips to regain your self-esteem and go back to race for a dream job!

Think positive of yourself!

Taking everything wrong to your own account, in the long run, may destroy your confidence. And this “lady” sometimes shows too much sensitivity to our little failures. But what if that rejection wasn’t a failure but another lesson to you? First, you’ve learnt how to answer tricky questions without taking your time to think. And second, you found out about the latest technical requirements for the desired position. Certainly, it wasn’t a waste of time, because you’ve got necessary information for your further search and development! And what you need at the moment is not to dwell on how shaky your hands were but how to improve your communication or professional skills.

Let go your self-doubt and eliminate your weak points.

If you don’t believe in yourself no one is going to prove different. You may complain about the cruelty of this world or take your resume for scanning its weak points. Found nothing but still feel there’s something wrong in there? Then ask for the help of certified specialists. //resume-for-you.com They will provide a necessary upgrade for your resume and leave no choice for your future employer but to hire you.

Better act now!

Revise your approach to a job interview. If it makes you nervous too much, prepare for it! Face your fears of another job rejection right now or they may ruin your life! Practice through mock interviews with your friends or use the advice of professional career counselor who will lead you through all difficulties of job searching and help you to reach your goals //resume-for-you.com/career_counselin

Sharpen your professional skills!

Save your time for studying something new in your professional field instead of wasting precious hours for self-pity. This world changes every single day and it has lots of opportunities for those who eager to learn!

Finally, you could write a comic bestseller like Jurgen Sprenzinger did who collected all letters of rejections (more than 100!) from potential employers and wrote them back explaining how illogical their denials were.

Anyway, there’re lots of opportunities and only your decision whether apply them into your life or not.

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