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Ann-n-d… why have you changed so many jobs?

How To Explain Your Job Hopping


A job-hopper or hoppy is a person who switches workplaces too often. The question is how many jobs won’t be dangerous to your resume? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics an average employee jumps from one position to the other once in 4.4 years. Although there are lots of people who can stay at one job for more than 7 years building their career up. A dream for an HR manager. Conversely, some people are just chronic “jumpers” who can switch almost 10 jobs in less than a year span.

Job longevity also depends on age: people between 18-30 may change more than 8+ jobs not being embarrassed with critical remarks from a recruiter. Job hopping for a young employee is a good chance to advance in one’s career ladder, get higher benefits and raise one’s salary to the desired level. While an employee who is loyal to one company almost for 4 years gets at least 2 salary raises, a job hopper can double this number.

However, a hoppy may face a cruel reality of an employment world and even lose an opportunity to get a job of one’s dream. Inconsistency of workers costs too much for the company, that’s why employers seek for people with reliable reputation and employment history.

So, let’s see what are pros and cons of joining job hopping race.


·         Job hopping is refreshing. It brings you new experience and challenges.

·         Makes it easier to adjust and show your professional performance faster.

·         A great career promotion without waiting for the favor from an employer.

·         It takes less time for a job hopper to achieve higher results than a person who stays long on the same place.

·         A job hopper treats one’s job with more passion and demonstrates higher efficiency. New area of responsibilities activates all job hopper’s senses making him completely concentrated on better performance.

·         Job hoppers are more devoted team players and real fast-learners. A person who can easily adjust to any new field and improve one’s skills brings a new look at the open issues.

·         Job hoppers are highly-motivated and get through a probation period faster than other applicants.


·         A job hopper usually faces difficulty of justifying one’s inconsistency to an HR manager.

·         Distrust of an employer who demands high loyalty from a potential employer may leave a job hopper overboard.

·         More job interviews, few decent job offers.

·         Lack of stability in life and long-term benefits.

·         Bad insurance history and resume reputation.

·         Less time to prove your high performance.

·         Higher risk of being laid off in the first row of newcomers.

Though disadvantages may affect the job hoppers life and lead one to great depression after losing a dream job, there are always risks on a labor market for any person. Instability of projects and start-ups makes most full-time workers almost freelancers in their field.

How can I explain my job hopping experience?

·         Don’t justify yourself criticizing your ex-employer. Complaining about your executive mental instability or micromanagement won’t justify you. Conversely, it will make the first impression of you as an employee who is eager to defame your executive. Remember, an employer will always take the side of the person from own rank!

·         Find fair reasons of your leaving: contract expiration, no promotion and salary raising during last 3 years. Project work or start-up character of the company could also be a good reason to leave. You’ve done everything for the project needs and you could go in search of other opportunities. No one would judge you for that.

·         Don’t say company has slight financial problems and you’re afraid of the future. For your future employer it will mean that in any difficulty you won’t be supportive and just leave him with own problems.

·         It’s better to say that there are no further development chances for you as a professional and you have to look for new horizons in a company which goals you believe in.

·         And don’t mention you’re tired of routine job and awful co-workers around you. It would be also wrong if you explain your search with bigger responsibilities but the same salary and desire to earn more money because you have 5 children to feed.

Anyway, job hopping is a good chance to temper your character and adjustment skills, to prove that you’re capable of more than you could expect from yourself.




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