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How to Use a Job Description in your Resume?


What is the secret of any successful resume writer? This person treats someone else’s resume as own creation to make a masterpiece of a career document. An expert in resume writing has a vivid imagination to put oneself on your place and produce actual and exact information to highlight your skills and experience in the best context and form. The resume writer has not even a slight awareness in composing a universal resume for all his customers, originality is of prime importance for him. No advanced copies – is the writer’s credo that makes his work special and highly evaluated by the customers.

Of course, if you don’t trust the important career documents to any third parties, you’ll need the following tips to assist you in writing an employer-catching resume! The resume writer pays a lot of time and attention to studying a job description of a position you are applying. A job description is a huge employer’s prompt using which, you could achieve your aim. That is why before submitting your resume you must tailor your skills to the highlighted requirements.


It is a huge mistake to suppose that one resume will suit all positions. Would you wear the same dress or suit to a cocktail party and a breakfast with your parents? There is no such a universal resume or CV fitting to any chosen position. Though you apply to the same position, vacancies’ descriptions are different as well as companies. So if you want to be detected by an HR-manager as a worthy candidacy, customize your resume to the job description. It means you will have to use a special approach to each vacancy and make special preparations before submitting your resume.

Apparently, it will take your time to tailor the resume to each job description, comparing and rephrasing information all the time. In fact, after dozen of your resume versions, you might begin irritating on the whole process and most likely you will quit this scheme. But keep in mind that even after such a silent protest, HR managers will continue using special scanning or tracking programs to find a perfect candidate. So it’s up to you whether to obey to recruiters’ searching rules or not. For this reason, we recommend to use a customization only to the most desired vacancies or to those, which you suit the most.


No matter what company is – big or small, internal or international, they all use a special tracking system to filter the most suitable applicants. These systems are aimed at searching people who correspond to employer’s keywords requirements. So if your resume lacks such keywords you may not be even included to the list of candidates although your professional experience could have a 100% match.


  1. Make comparing windows for both Job description and your Resume, or print them if it’s more convenient to you. It will help you to note differences.
  2. Write your resume objective in accordance with the job description, pay attention to an exact and accurate naming of a position.
  3. Highlight 7 key-skills in a job description and look for similar ones in your resume. Found no coincidences? Don’t rush to copy-paste them into your resume! Rephrase or change forms of the same words not to seem strange for 100% match with the job description requirements.
  4. Revise your “Experience part”, see for some updates considering your latest achievements (volunteering or participation in some conference). However, don’t use lies to upgrade your resume. Maybe it will work for the tracking system but not for the HR manager and your employer.

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