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IT is the field of the future. This perspective industry offers high salaries, comfortable work conditions, new career opportunities, a range of social benefits, and more. Aren’t these reasons enough to apply? It’s not that easy to get hired.

Let’s take a closer look what IT agencies are searching for.

  • Mention only those things that are related to the job you desire. A potential web programmer does not necessarily have to write about his driving license, knowledge of Spanish, and Arts & Crafts certificate.
  • Read the ad twice before sending your resume. Try to figure out the expectations of the employer. When it is not said, you have to perform “outstanding IT knowledge” by submitting a resume in three formats, don’t do it. It’s better to impress your recruiter by the essential computer and programming skills. Use Text File or Word as your basic resume format. Don’t annoy your employer without even showing up.
  • Indicate not only the field, but the specific position you wish to obtain. Use resume header for this purpose. IT is a broad area that consists of too many related (and not really) positions. Without knowing that you deal only with C++ and Java, your future employer may request working with other computer information systems. Be specific!
  • Don’t blame everything in one pile. When the job title is “System Administrator”, write about your administration competencies only. While applying for two jobs at the same time, you can easily fall into own trap by getting confused with different tasks that require different skills and approaches. There is no way to master several positions equally good. Pick either one of them to grow professionally or achieve nothing by eating one’s cake and having it too.
  • For IT companies, you definitely have to provide the examples of your most successful projects. You can give links to the sites of your previous company, social network pages you used to work on, blogs you managed to create, some special applications developed by you, etc. Specify the methods and tools you applied to achieve those heights. It will be the best proof of your words. In fact, sometimes I get jealous for IT employees. They have such a wide choice!
  • Never forget to receive references and recommendations from your colleges. To motivate them, order a pizza or give them small gifts. These small pieces of writings will play you in hand later.

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