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One of your personal information points may be naming your hobbies. In most cases, nobody cares. When speaking about formal job, a huge list of hobbies and hidden talents would rather scare your employer. People of business believe playing a guitar or watching movies is a senseless waste of time. You’d better postpone such activities to the weekends.
It would be much better to describe the courses you attend to raise your proficiency. Mentioning Spanish language courses might play in hand of English-German translator as far as most of the translation agencies are always expanding by adding more and more languages to their services.
So, bilingual translators are valued more than those operating with a single couple of languages.
You MIGHT and you HAVE TO recall your painting or design extra classes in case it is closely related to the position you’re applying for. People of Art need to see more creativity and talents. On the whole, submitting your resume for a dancer/actor/writer position is something outside the box. No standards are obeyed by people coming from the creative fields. The only thing you will be asked for sure is a complete portfolio of the best samples.

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