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Does an occupation of your parents have an impact on your life and career choice? Would you like to know if it is so for other people? This week hot chick Gwen Stefani, whose popularity raised again after “The Voice” debut with her colleague Pharrell Williams, is a perfect example of how parents’ destiny may influence a child’s future job choice.

Today, she is a new face on board of season seven “The Voice”: It all became possible thanks to her impressive music career.Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams Make The Voice Debut

Dennis Stefani, a father of our celebrity, used to guide Yamaha marketing perspective. As far as Yamaha releases music instruments and equipment as well as motorcycles, electronics, and sports equipment, this fact couldn’t be ignored by little Stefani. She was surrounded by all of those instruments. In the end, they had a huge impact on her career decision. This is the case when education matters less. I would say, doesn’t matter at all. Her mom Patti was an accountant and believed this position would suit Gwen more. However, both of her parents were music fans. Their Italian and Irish/Scottish origins respectively made folk music number one in their entire life.

Under Bob Dylan’s and Emmylou Harris pressure her music tastes were formed. Of course, it seems like “No Doubt” had nothing to do with the music mentioned above. Current Gwen’s solo career also differs, but the point is that her educational background helped her only with some producer’s responsibilities, but not the whole thing. She used to perform her singing talent since she studied at school. As for her work history, Gwen managed to serve at a Dairy Queen and later manned the MAC makeup counter of a department store. Immediately after graduating from “California State University,” she was introduced to “2 Tone” music. That’s where her serious music career began thanks to her brother Eric.Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams Make The Voice Debut

There is no wonder watchers admired these two new guest star appearances:

“We loved the fresh, new attitude they brought to the show, and is it just us or did it feel like Stefani and Pharrell were born to judge alongside Levine and Shelton?”

The only question left is whether such agiotage is connected with Stefani’s vocal abilities or producer/showman talents?