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Top-7 US Job: Fitness Trainer

More and more people today start caring about their physical condition. Slim girls are not in trend any longer. It’s all about having muscles and the corresponding weight. With the changes in the concept of perfect body, one pretty old job has gained a massive popularity. We are talking about fitness/personal trainer.

I. Golden Rule #1: Eat whatever you want

The main problem of every fitness coach is the lack of rationality in their meal. They might look fine regarding weight, but, in fact, many of them are depleting themselves. Female fitness trainers are especially obsessed by what and how much they eat and drink. They avoid a range of food and beverages. However, it is absolutely forbidden to exclude meat and other protein-based products. Trainers often try to replace these types of food with the special protein cocktails, pills, chocolate bars, and other sports nutrition. These products are all high-calorie, but it does not mean they are enough to support vital activity in full. Stop eating only vegetables, fruits, and porridge – you’ll lose other necessary vitamins. Besides, you are missing the taste.

II. Golden Rule #2: Lead your own way

Giving recommendations is not enough to make people listen to you and follow-up. It is crucial to show you keep to those steps. Prove that your hints are useful in achieving success by sharing personal life stories and behaving the way you advise in any case. For instance, pretend you are doing one of the exercises you showed to your trainees last Friday at least when they walk in. It will work better than any persuasive words. Never try to convince someone in the effectiveness of your method – let others see it.

III. Golden Rule #3: Ask more than talk

Once again, being a fitness trainer is almost the same as working as a psychologist. Your session lasts approximately the same, and basically you have to increase client’s confidence and self-assessment even more than developing their perfect bodies.

So, these “patients” have to be heard first of all. Only then you can start coaching them. Never let them down or shout at them. Try to find another approach to explaining your ward why it is important to do certain exercises in a particular order.

On the whole, there is a joke regarding why most of the sports trainers are silent. Well, most of them lack literacy because they have no higher education. That is why it is better to stay in the shadows and let others talk.

IV. Golden Rule #4: Watch your time!

Also, this is about the time of your clients. Remember: they all have job/education and a plenty of other tasks to do, so you are wasting their free time. At the same time, they are using your work time, so you are obligated to serve them. Of course, there is no way for a client to get rude with his or her fitness trainer. But you’d better stay calm and avoid nervous feedback when training a person. Plan client’s activities so that they do not.

V. Golden Rule #5: Lack of concentration is your worst enemy

The lack of concentration leads to failure. You will lose your game – your customer. Don’t project own values and especially personal problems on your clients. They came here for help, so give it to them.

VI. Golden Rule #6: Individual approach

Never forget that not all people are capable of accomplishing complicated physical exercises. Do not overload freshmen: always consult them on any issue. You should doubt whether they have any painful feelings or discomfort. You won’t succeed by forcing your trainee to do exercise they dislike or simply cannot handle due to the physical nuances.

VII. Golden Rule #7: What about the homework assignments?

We are not at school or college any longer, but still fitness trainers have to provide their clients with some homework assignments. Of course, we are not talking about writing an essay or research paper. However, you might ask your customers to master some theory, come up with their new diet, develop a personal training plan, and, finally, practice particular exercises.

In addition, give some tips like walking by foot at least an hour per day, running in the closest park for 15-20 minutes, going earlier to bed, denying bad habits, and more. All clients appreciate such approach and care.

10 Tips for Successful Fitness Trainer Resume:

  • Your physical shape matters. Include the detailed description of your daily activities related to physical education. You may insert this information in the brief summary of your goals
  • Don’t forget to mention you’re mentally healthy as well. Your potential employer needs a person who will cheer clients up, not letting them down morally
  • Such personal qualities as patience, tolerance, responsiveness, and empathy
  • List what you know about nutrition and which label you prefer
  • Time-management skill is, perhaps, the most crucial one: say that you can prepare accurate training schedules
  • Pilates, yoga, weights, protein, are all your keywords
  • Your GPA from school or higher educational institution does not matter at all for this position. You may exclude it and type in some fitness courses and sports activities you used to attend
  • Name all awards and certificates in the corresponding field. It may be even winning a swimming competition at your high school
  • Tell you are also an expert in weight management
  • Attach an example of the program you developed on your own

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