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So, you’re done with an essential part of your learning. In most cases, it is hard to define your most appropriate strengths and skills for a particular industry way. After graduating from your college or university, you will meet the question of your first full-time job ever. It is great if you possess at least some experience (volunteering, assistance, internship) by that time. But what if you still have no idea of what to begin with?

You need someone to set your preferences correctly. It can be your parents or a teacher – somebody who knows you well or even better than you do. For example, an entry level resume for IT administration industry will be a bit different from the one created for IT development. Actually, IT is  a blurred area, so the help with it is needed anyway. Every aspect should be taken into account while managing a start-up resume.

Without realizing your life calling, it is hard to define your position on the job market. Don’t fall into despair: you have a chance to think of the most suitable career path while running a routine work to earn per living. A lot of famous actors started with waiters, but we know the story so far. The life is build in a way we have to take risks to succeed.

The demand for jobs is unpredictable. You may start writing your entry level marketing resume on your very first educational year just to find out later that this job is out of fashion. However, your analytical aptitude, openness, and ability to be a team player will be useful to build another entry level job resume. Never throw your drafts away.

For an entry level resume of a registered nurse, let’s say, you need to include as many keywords as for an experienced clinician. Your potential employer will search a junior level employee for a particular field or facility. If you don’t have any experience yet, you can still list what you’ve learned in an entry level nursing resume.

What I would recommend you to do is to pick one of the following positions as for the start:

·                    A waiter/waitress. As InstaBlog reports, Renee Zellweger, Russell Crowe, Sandra Bullock, and even such a beauty as Megan Fox used to serve at this position. We all know their current incomes and social level. Are you still ashamed of working for that cute restaurant next to Guide Park?

·                    A cleaner. This job is only believed to be hambling. But from my point of view, a hambling activity is doing nothing. Cleaning business is not that dramatic. It is quite a profitable industry. By the way, even this position may imply certain risks. Before turning to Rambo and Rocky, Sylvester Stallone cleaned the lion’s cage. That’s the secret of his muscles.

·                    A dish washer. Could you ever think of Dell’s CEO washing dishes somewhere at Burger’s King?

·                    A bottle collector. Wish to become a millionaire like Donald Trump one day? I’ll tell you more: his first employment gave him a clue to his further potential. So, every time you see an empty soda bottle, think of it as of a sign.

·                    A salesman. Bill Murrey started his career at the grocery store. I am sure today’s Garfield has nothing to be ashamed of.

·                    A billing department. Nicole Kidman did that kind of routine accounting procedures just to become a world-known red-hair one day.

·                    A courier. Your transportation expenses will be covered in full, so don’t worry. Anyway, you are allowed to choose districts closer to you.


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