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How To Create A Resume Worth 50 Views Per Day?

To create a resume with 50 views per day is a serious challenge even for a professional resume writer. Most people spend lots of time to keep on searching and not succeeding even with one decent job interview.

Some ask for professional help and are rewarded with more than 50% increase in driving recruiters attention to their well-structured resume. These data are taken from the latest research of TheLadders: “On a Likert scale of 1 to 7, self-written resumes (above left) averaged 3.9 versus 6.2 for the professionally rewritten resume (above right), a 60% increase.” (TheLadders)

Competition is so high that a job seeker has no other option as tailoring one’s resume applying for each vacancy. Sometimes desperation comes too far, and the applicant writes white lies using the white font to trick an application tracking system.

For instance, I take my real skills and compare them with requirements. I see one factor that I don’t match. Realizing this factor might be taken into account by the machine I make a step to cheating.

An Example Not To Follow

      A Job Position Requirement

·  To provide service issues on a statewide, national and regional basis

Professional & Technical Skills

·  Handling service issues on a statewide and regional basis national

·  Forecasting and financial analysis.

I lack the word “national” to match requirements perfectly well, that’s why I add it after the word “basis” making it invisible with white font. You can see it because I’ve highlighted it with black background. The same can do an employer if he suspects cheating in your resume having seen that most of your skills in black font do not coincide with his requirements. Though the machine recommended this resume as a 95% match.

Conclusion: cheating in your resume even with white lies may enlist you to the rate of “applicants with bad reputation” and never viewed by the company felt deceived once.

The problem with screening system is that it omits those candidates with enough experience and professional skills to match an employer’s requirements only because of wrong keywords usage. On the one hand, it’s only the applicant’s problem and an HR manager could defend with “applying to our vacancy the candidate must tailor one’s resume to our needs”.

Of course, for most job seekers it means to create the resumes all over again. It takes some time to rephrase what you’ve made up supposing it’s already perfect. Usually, applicants just change one or two words and proceed with submitting. Though getting through screening system and not to be filtered into oblivion, demands perfect matching to the keywords mentioned in a job description.

Why Creativity Is A Bad Idea For The Resume?

A recent scientific study proved that recruiters exaggerate their spent time for reviewing applicants’ resumes. Claimed in reports 4-5 minutes to each candidate’s resume diminish to real 6 seconds. The difference is huge but what makes a recruiter leave only a quick glance at your resume? The answer came with the help of A Likert Scale, which is “a psychometric ranking system that offers users a series of choices ranging (for example) from “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree.” This type of scale is used in a wide variety of questionnaires in many fields.” (TheLadders).

In general, TheLadders’ study highlighted not only the exact time a recruiter investigates data in a single applicant’s resume but also definite parts of a resume that make a professional gaze stop and get involved with information. These parts are the candidate’s name, education, current and previous titles of companies and the period of working in them

The research also conveys that simplicity of a resume is better perceived. Too much creativity makes it difficult not only for the machine to scan for the matching keywords but also for Human Resource representatives to concentrate on important parts of a resume: “Recruiters rated resumes with an obvious information hierarchy as “easier to read.”

Get Rid Of Your Fancies

Remember once and for all: your resume is an official document having no place for fancy formatting, extra photos or nice background. All these things distract the recruiter and create hindrances for the tracking machine to detect you as a perfect candidate for the position.

Do not put all information about your job experience in one line it will be difficult for the system to catch the period of your previous jobs, your position and the companies’ names. Ensure that the structure is easy to understand and the text is well read.

Another advice is not to mingle fonts and its sizes. It will make you resume a playground for different fonts usage. The preferable font is Times New Roman 12 though you could let some deviations in headings helping you to highlight information.


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