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Career Coaching & Counseling

You may know what you want, but when it comes to achieving your goals, you risk failing without a corresponding expert help. We’ve got some good news for you: from now on, you can contact professional career counselor who will serve as both your job seeker/mentor and personal psychologist. This person can completely change your outlook.

Are you sure that you know how to behave during the job interview? Do you wish to master the art of persuading employers in your professional competence? The duties of our career counselor include advising, supporting, and preparing for you further development. You may have no idea of what is your true calling without a professional view. Our certified career advisor with an MBA degree from Wisconsin International University knows everything about employment and various industries. She will give valuable recommendations based on the current conditions of the US job market.

This service consists of:

  • Valuable consulting concerning job search
  • Appropriate application documents
  • Further career evolution
  • Self-actualization. Taylor will serve as your counselor and friend in one face.

I. Service Details

Every consultancy lasts for approximately half an hour via the phone or Skype session. This service is available for one month. Within this period, you can make a 30-minute call per one payment. It means contacting our professional career counselor Taylor Lavigne directly.

II. Why Career Counseling?

You might think something like: “What the hell I need career coaching for?” But it’s not about just another damn psychologist in the row.

The difference is that any career advisor makes sure you are on the right way by analyzing the job market and demand. So, it’s not just cheering you up and pretending he or she is listening carefully while having wild last night on their mind. Career coach does not simply yawns and nods. This person can change your life completely. For instance, one day you may believe there is no better option for you than becoming a lawyer because of your higher education. In fact, you are more kind of a creative person. You might have no idea of your other opportunities, but such a professional can direct you to your true dream. A pretty tough employment market is overloaded, but still there are always enough places for those who WANT to work.

There is no point of getting stuck in this category. Are you there looking for having meals in McDonald’s or solid restaurants? Wish to get the girl of your dream? Impress everyone with a brand new car by getting the job you deserve, not the one to enslave you.

And although there are no 100% accurate data to measure these unemployed folks, there are likely millions more who have gigs that they’d very much like to leave.

Now you are a lucky beggar who has this unique opportunity to receive counseling from one of our experts. We won’t swear we have Donna Sweidan on the board – but we guarantee a high-quality service to ease a pain in your neck when deciding upon your career.

Our certified career coaches all possess at least 10 years of experience in this area.

We are here to assist you in uncovering and mastering the art and science of career growth. Please select our career coaching and counseling service in case you need a real talking head instead of online bots and useless the same articles that make no sense. You will compete against those millions of fellow job-seekers easily with our recommendations and support.

III. What Our Expert in Career Counseling Says

“During my experience in career counseling, I would define this phenomenon as a separate art/discipline made of two similar yet different features: training and consulting. The aim of any successful career advisor is to support people while deciding on their further development and movement. In addition, it’s about offering different instruments to apply when searching: résumés, cover letters, KSA, LinkedIn and Facebook profiles.”

Despite some of us do not possess a clinical training, as I do, definitions of the industry may vary between more conventionally trained counselors.

  • On the whole, “coaching” is a complex solution-oriented method. It means working with clients to discover particular steps they should take to hit all career goals.
  • As for the “counseling”, this one is process driven. What I mean is that I look at if there are any behavioral, emotional or psychological elements stimulating a client’s expected job ambitions.

But the essence of professional career coaching is to assist people in assessing their employment cases with a respective degree of honesty, sympathy, motivation, and compassion.

IV. What Are the Most Common Misconceptions about Career Coaching?

  • …If there are any at all. Just kidding. Of course, there are some, so I will name three nightmares only. 1. Naïve people tend to believe that only “a well-done résumé is what you must possess to participate in the productive job search.
  • What makes me laugh even harder, is that some people really think that “career coaches will actually find them a job.” Perhaps, we are the ones to work for the applicants? Of course, not at all. We prefer being honest with our clients from the very beginning of our cooperation, so we will stress it once more: we FIND you a potential job and consult you, but we don’t GET you this job for 100% as there is also a part that depends on you exclusively.
  • Another spread notion is that you just have to visit ONE career-coaching meeting to get rid of all job challenges once and forever. It lasts for 8-10 hours of such session, so what are you talking about?

After all, we are not talking about taking a child to the kindergarten and solving all problems instead of him. It’s impossible to plan the entire career life and growth just within 8-10 hours. So, be more realistic and patient, and you’ll surely reach the top being carefully led step-by-step by me or one of our other consultants.


Every person needs some support while seeking a job. But it has to be a professional support from a person who knows everything about business etiquette and winning behavior. 30 minutes you’ll spend talking with our career counselor will expand your understanding of the complex work search process. It will even give you a clue of what is worth doing in your life. Perhaps, you had no idea of your true calling before contacting Taylor. Get prepared for your application process, job interview, and further career development today to succeed tomorrow!

To sum up, you’ll get:

  • One-time 30-minute call to our professional career counselor
  • Her full support, psychological analysis, and recommendations
  • A clear picture of what to do/change in your life and career path

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