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So, you’ve read this manual, you learned how to compose a resume appropriately, and now the idea of becoming a freelance resume writer has blasted you up. What are the secrets of a successful resume writer?
Turning into the premium writer requires not only excellent written skills, but a psychological approach to the problem. You have to treat every customer as a unique individual. Try to get as much information as possible. Even such useless from the first sight information as hobbies might give you a hint about improving the client’s resume or cover letter.
Try to observe as many sources as possible to find the information on the particular job. Look for all the vacancies on such employment giants as Monster.Com, CareerBuilder or Indeed. Sooner or later, you’ll be well-informed about every single job requirements and skills. This knowledge will turn you into the real recruiting expert.
By mistake, many young writers believe resume business is all about grammar and spelling. But it’s not the same as accomplishing academic tasks. Resume or CV is not another academic paper in a row. It has to be planned and strategically implemented to meet its primary target: get your client a job. At least, a resume should result in the interview invitation. Of course, such services do not and shall not guarantee their customers an employment. But the intent of any resume and cover letter is to be selected.
An information delivered by your client may lack some crucial experience. Ask this person whether he or she is aware of the particular tool/technique/method. Sometimes people simply forget to mention some critical points by holding too much information in the head. Perhaps, you will find the primary reason for your client to be refused each time he submits a resume. Such productive cooperation may result in the customer’s loyalty, more frequent orders, and higher payments.
Watch out! Don’t fall into the trap by adding false information without consulting a client. Putting fake skills or duties on the list will lead to problems. The client might get the job offer, but he won’t be able to cope with all challenges because of the writer’s negligence. By having such irresponsible writers on the team, any company risks losing its authority. So, most of the time a poor writer faces a fair layoff.
Show your keen interest for every client by contacting him regularly. Writing something like “I received your order, so I am currently working on it” is nothing in terms of appropriate customer treatment. Pretend you are working on your own paper. Would you allow it to look ridiculous? I don’t think so.
The last but not the least feature is 24/7 availability. Well, there is always a Customer Support Team represented by gentle guys who can receive all of the complaints and questions any time of the day. Their shifts allow them to spend one or two sleepless nights. You should consider that the order may come from any part of the world.
For instance, a lot of Egyptians wish to move to the States or U.K., but because of the language barrier they are not able to come up with a worthy resume on their own. After all, a lot of Japanese applicants strive for the perfect resume in fluent English. So, the difference in time matters.
There might be circumstances under which your order will be automatically reassigned to another freelance writer because nobody could reach you. That would be a pity if you stay unpaid for a completed order only because you couldn’t respond to the revision inquiry or answer a silly question.
Yes, be ready you will receive a ton of stupid questions almost every second order.

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