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2014: Who’s Out?

The year 2014 has already passed, but the results in the field of employment are not still highlighted. Previous year was very complicated and dramatic, especially for some countries. Felt it myself, as well as the business segment.

47% of the surveyed employers believe it was the hardest year in terms of employment for the last 4-5 years.

The representatives of such industries as automobile, logistics and media are in this group. Only 3% (!) of the respondents did not feel any pressure or difficulties in hiring people. Mostly, those lucky ones come from IT area and oil & gas production.2014: Who’s Out?

Despite all efforts, the impact of the world crisis in various business fields was significant. Many companies were forced to resort to ‘unpopular’ measures. For instance, about 14% of the companies have reduced the salaries. One third of all operating companies (28%) did not review this issue, 35% of the respondents increased the wages only of their most productive employees, 6% of organizations were supposed to increase salaries in accordance with the law. Still, only 21% of employers were able to raise the wages of all employees.

The highest percentage of the companies that raised employee’s wages comes from IT, insurance, oil & gas, and pharmacology areas. Business services, wholesalers, automobile traders and media representatives are among those who had been forced to resort to reductions. Most of the small businesses didn’t raise salaries at all. Salary cuts basically depended on the number of employees: those organizations, which have more than 500 employees, refused to increase salaries or involve financial bonuses.
2014: Who’s Out?In 60% of cases, the salaries were not increased more than by 10%. IT and telecom areas companies managed to increase wages by 20%+. At the same time, more than 50% of organizations reduced salaries by 13% on the average.

Concerning awards and other benefits, nothing has changed significantly. Half of the companies that pay additional compensations on a regular basis did not increase its amount. 12% increased bonuses but reduced fixed rates. Frequently, rewards and bonuses were cut in big business holding more than 200 workers. We’re talking about logistics, media and banking.

Meanwhile, only 30% of the organizations did not hire new people during 2014. 16% of the firms used to fire people. Mostly, employers replaced some old staff with new members, but almost no new places were created. 17% of the companies opened only up to two vacancies last year.

Wholesalers, auto traders, banking and logistics representatives are among personnel education leaders. ATTENTION! Here’s what you wanted to hear from the very beginning: sales managers and customer representatives (37%), IT professionals (18%), and labor staff (15%) were in the highest demand. On the other hand, administrative personnel (41%) was most frequently fired. Seems like back-office personnel and chief officers were having bad times.

2014: Who’s Out?

The criteria for selecting personnel remained pretty much the same:

Sufficient work experience.
Experience in the relevant industry.
Functional skills.
Payroll expectations.
Personal features.
Compliance with corporate culture.


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